Sunday, October 7, 2018

Trying new snacks

As part of sharing information and reviewing new products, I am writing this post about Kroger Brand Pub Mix. It's a salty mix of peanuts, cheddar sesame sticks, sesame mini chips, pretzel nuggets, and my favorite, pumpkin seeds, aka pepitas. I like it! The youth at my church had a game night, and this was a snack I shared. They gobbled it up. The picture shows an empty container, because that is what happened that night. So, I would say it's a hit. Try it!

Monday, July 17, 2017


Well, it's been a year since I last posted. I guess I've been busy. But now, this summer has been quiet and inactive since I BROKE my right ankle. Darn it!!! Five weeks later, three weeks since surgery, I am working on range of motion and still elevating and icing, since swelling is still evident. What a way to start retirement, right? Hahaha. I've heard that several times.
My current hobbies: reading, crossword puzzles, Words with Friends, and Sudoku. I'm caught up on my magazine reading. I'm also trying to get stuff together for a yard sale.
Books I've completed: Beth Macy's Truevine; Nicholas Sparks' Safe Haven and Nights in Rodanthe; and Fannie Flagg's The Whole Town's Talking and The Last Reunion of the All-Girl Filling Station. All have been good and fun or interesting.
Now that I have more time, I'll try to start back with regular entries. And I'll get back to nature. I'm hoping, once the steri-strips fall off, I can start swimming again. I need to move!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Visited my daughter in Olomouc, Czech Republic a few weeks ago. Public transportation always available, and beautiful cobblestone streets everywhere! She is there teaching English and making wonderful, sensitive, compassionate friends. So proud of her, and happy she's becoming a thoughtful global citizen.
So much of this country looks like Virginia: low, forested mountains and farmlands throughout the countryside. We saw solar panels and windmills as we traveled by train. We ate very well in local restaurants. Tasted local beers and wines as well! Lovely trip, thanks to our local tour guide!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


A few things I am thankful for during this holiday season:
 Family, a home in the great outdoors, plenty of food and warmth, a best friend who also happens to be my life partner, a beautiful daughter who is making her way in the world, animals I enjoy, a job that allows me to have a life outside of it, good health, and friends who are fun to hang around with.

  So, Glori got a little close. I love the trails around our home.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Mars, here we come!

Today was the Virginia Science Festival in Roanoke. I really enjoyed listening to the research being done to get humans to Mars. There is a special, light-weight material called zylon that can withstand very high temperatures (for entry) and is built into stacked rings to help with landings. This astronaut-model was present, illustrating the new and improved spacesuits. The material was strong but lightweight as well. So much STEM and STEAM taking place today with kids everywhere. It was GREAT!!!! Thanks to all sponsors for making this happen.