Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Another reason I love the beach is because of the sea shells. I really can't explain the obsession I have with collecting them. I have thousands, yet every time I go to the beach I must collect more. Maybe it's because each one is unique, maybe it's because they are free. For whatever reason, when I begin walking along the beach, I must stop and inspect shell colors and look for unusual shapes. This trip, I have decided that since I already have so many, I will take this year's collection back to school with me and share with my students. Some students have probably not been to a beach, and might be happy to have one of my beauties. I just hope I can share!

Rhythms of Nature

One reason I love visiting the beach is because nature is so predictable there. The waves come up to shore and back out consistently all day long. The breeze blows all day long. The plovers and sanderlings scurry along the water and gulls float overhead on the breeze. My stress sinks into the sand as I lie on my back and listen to the waves and birds. No electronics necessary.