Sunday, February 27, 2011

Signs of Spring

After such a dreary winter with little snow but lots of grey, I was thrilled to get a glimpse of color a few days ago. There are also yellow crocuses blooming in another area of my "yard"* that I saw this afternoon, and the forsythia are budding out. I also discovered buds on my plum trees, which are great producers for the squirrels and blue jays in my neighborhood! They seem to like the plums a little sour, so I don't get any. The warmer temperatures are coaxing out some green in the other yards around the neighborhood. It's definitely nice to live in a temperate zone and not more northerly or westerly, where winter still has a strong grip.
* I do not grow grass in my yard, but I have lots of moss, and currently leaves!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Mountain ridges

I live below the northern sloping ridge of Lynville Mountain. This is a view I have from my driveway. I like the fact that in the winter I can see the shape of the landscape. It makes the mountain seem a little less intimidating-maybe I can hike up that mountain one day when it's a little warmer! On this particular afternoon, the sun created a nice contrast, along with a few clouds rolling by. I hope it stays pristine the way it is now, with no cell towers or houses, roads or windmills, to tarnish my view.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Recycled trees

We have always enjoyed cut trees from local tree farms for Christmas at my house. This year was a lovely Fraser Fir that held on to its needles the entire three weeks it was decorated in our home. Because it was still so lovely, the week after the holiday when all decorations were removed, the tree was placed on our deck. I think it added a fresh look to the deck. In fact, I have considered getting a live tree next year so I can keep the tree! A few birds used the outdoor tree as a temporary home. They flew away when we exited onto the deck. But, I have now placed the tree in the woods to give better cover to the birds and other animals. I know some people mulch their trees. In Roanoke, the city does the mulching and spreads it throughout town. All of you who use fake trees to conserve trees and your own money, my hat's off to you. I just love the smell of the real thing and am glad to support the local farmers.