Friday, February 14, 2014

Trees are my most favorite organism. No matter what, trees are important and have an impact. They are also very picturesque. This elm on Ridgecrest just stands out from the rest; in this picture, you can tell it is set apart from the other trees nearby. I remember as a child riding horses on this was narrower and tree limbs hung over and across the road, sort of like riding through a tunnel. A couple of times there was a black snake curled up and/or around one of those limbs, making it seem like I was in a Jungle Book movie and was going to be threatened by Kaa. I was never affected, of course. Even though snakes were once a common site, I never felt afraid of them. Just let them move along and I went on my way as well. Sigh. Don't see them very much anymore 
Wow. Started with trees and ended up on snakes.