Monday, March 23, 2015

Monday PunDay

I love Gemma Correll.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Signs of life

Since we had such late winter-like weather, my crocuses are late this year. So I am enjoying them now! The maples are casting a red hue over the forest, and my plums are pinkish. Daffodils have heavy heads, so I'm hoping they will open up tomorrow. With all of the trees shading my homestead, everything is just a tad later compared to town-folk. The creek is running strong and the breeze was warm today. Thank you sunshine!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday PunDay!!!

Think like a proton....always positive!!!

Spring is almost here!! Remember to wear green tomorrow.....avoid the pinch.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ready for some Spring!

March is bringing us some rain today, of course, since it's Saturday. But the pasture is beginning to turn green, and the moss is perking up, so I am thankful for the rain. Looking forward to warm, not hot, sunny days when I can get outside to play in the dirt. The greenhouse near me is selling pansies, broccoli, and other cool weather plants, so I'm ready to start! I can't wait to plant my lettuce & radish seeds, and plant herbs for lovely cooking aromas. Ready for fresh after a winter of dried. This moss-covered rock outcrop is along the trail from my house through the woods to the creek and I always have to touch it as I walk by. I love that it is there since all my senses enjoy the moss stop: the forest smell of wood and leaves, the softness of the tiny leaf-like cover, the perfect green growth, and the singing birds calling and marking territory.  Respite from a busy week away from nature.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Henrietta Lacks

This beautiful woman passed away in 1951 from cervical cancer, but before that, unknown by her, cells were removed for use in cell research. Called HeLa cells, her cells were so durable, they were used  by Jonas Salk to develop the polio vaccine. The cells were cloned in 1955 and, since that time, over ten thousand patents involving HeLa cells have been registered. Researchers have used the cells to study disease and to test human sensitivity to new products and substances. 

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Friday, March 6, 2015

As a teacher, I have used this website to show  my students how consumerism is the ban of our existence. Corporations want us to buy, buy, buy so they can continue to make money, money, money. Don't make something that lasts forever! Change the fashions every year! Make the product better with more features every year! (cell phones? computers?) And we as consumers are made, by advertising, to feel like we HAVE to have the latest, we don't want to be out of fashion, and it is "cheaper" to buy new rather than fix what is broken. Visit the website and watch Annie Leonard's take on all of this. She has done her research. You don't have to agree with everything she says to still see that she is right in most instances. We need to change the way we view our stuff. I especially like "The Story of Solutions". Reduce the amount of stuff you use every day. Take reusable bags to the grocery store. Make your own dryer sheet out of sponges you can reuse. STOP buying plastic water bottles. So much waste.  Thank you. I hope you will make small changes here and there in your daily living. It all makes a difference.