Friday, December 24, 2010

A quiet Christmas Eve

I remember, as a child, hearing a story about farm animals being able to talk on Christmas eve. The magic of the evening allowed them to share stories with each other while in the barn sheltered from the cold, windy night. Not sure of the origins of that story; I guess it's related to the fact that Jesus was born in a barn with the animals and shared a manger with them. Winter evenings here are very quiet. Birds are nestled somewhere safe and warm, our pets are inside, and Glori is the only animal I hear, munching on her hay. Well, maybe an occasional neighbor dog barking. When it snows, it is especially quiet. The snow buffers all sounds and I feel like the only one outside in the whole world! I like it! There is a slight chance for snow on Christmas Day here......Glori likes the snow, also. So maybe we'll play!

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