Saturday, February 2, 2013

Hungry birds

This winter, hungry birds have kept me busy filling feeders every day. I fill them each morning, and must bring some in at night so as to not find them torn open and emptied by, I'm guessing, raccoons. We do have flying squirrels that come out at night, but in winter? I'm not an expert, so not sure. I have seen the raccoons. I do have grey squirrels during the day, but have a pretty good handle on most of them. Don't worry, they get fed too. This nuthatch was taking his/her turn at the suet. Woodpeckers enjoy it also, but they are harder for me to catch in a picture. This brand new suet block had been out only about 2 hours when the picture was taken. I put some mix seed out, but mostly black-oil sunflower. That is the favorite among my bird clientele. That and the suet. Might have to start making my own!

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