Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ready for some Spring!

March is bringing us some rain today, of course, since it's Saturday. But the pasture is beginning to turn green, and the moss is perking up, so I am thankful for the rain. Looking forward to warm, not hot, sunny days when I can get outside to play in the dirt. The greenhouse near me is selling pansies, broccoli, and other cool weather plants, so I'm ready to start! I can't wait to plant my lettuce & radish seeds, and plant herbs for lovely cooking aromas. Ready for fresh after a winter of dried. This moss-covered rock outcrop is along the trail from my house through the woods to the creek and I always have to touch it as I walk by. I love that it is there since all my senses enjoy the moss stop: the forest smell of wood and leaves, the softness of the tiny leaf-like cover, the perfect green growth, and the singing birds calling and marking territory.  Respite from a busy week away from nature.

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