Friday, April 30, 2010

Last day of April

What a gorgeous day. Upper 70's, low humidity, sunshine, birds sharing their songs. I am currently sitting outdoors on a shaded deck, and I am thrilled the trees are fully leaved again. This gives me so much privacy. I can no longer see my neighbors, and their night lights are not visible to me either. Of course, this also means that my star visibility range is less. I cannot see as much of the night sky from one position as I can in Fall and Winter.
My clematis is in full bloom now and the purple and orange irises are beginning to unfurl. The purple irises smell like grape Kool-aid.
Tomorrow I will plant my tomatoes, keeping an eye out on the temperatures for a couple more weeks. Despite the impending heat, I love the carefree days that summer brings and the bountiful variety of produce that will soon be on my table. I hope that everyone will drink in the beauty of this time of year!

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