Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Snow of 2015

The first snowfall for Coopers Cove, 2015!
While the snow was falling on Monday, I tried my best to keep the feeders full of black oil sunflower seed and suet. The cardinals gathered in a flock. They are my favorite winter bird due to their beautiful plumage.  They also stand out and make great photo targets, especially for this novice photographer. I liked that both a male and female posed for me here. (All images taken with a Canon PowerShot SX30IS.)
 Again taken on Monday, Bo and I explored the creek in my "backyard", which is located in a slight valley between me and my neighbor. The creek is the unofficial property line, although it really is to us. We have had it officially surveyed.
Below, taken Tuesday morning in a place away from trees and the house. This is about as accurate a place that I can find. Thankfully, the snow is dry and fluffy, so it is easy to shovel. We were working on that this morning before the sun melts and weighs it down!

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