Tuesday, January 1, 2013

As luck would have it

Traditionally, my family has a meal this day which gets our new year off to a good start. I've never truly tested the theory that our lucky meal actually creates any luck for us, but the tradition itself feels proper, as if my year will be balanced, the "feng shui" of my days will flow smoothly from week to week. For this evening's meal, I roasted asparagus, just because I like it and had it on hand. Microwaved half a cabbage (quartered) with salt, pepper, and butter, the standard. I cut up and cooked a couple of pork chops in olive oil with garlic, salt, pepper, celery seed, and basil, then added one of those cooked bags of brown rice and about half a can of black-eyed peas (Lucks, of course!).  That was left on the eye to keep warm. I also made a pan of cornbread-just followed the recipe in my Betty Crocker cookbook. Quite often, this is normally how I cook dinner-what do I have, and what can I do to make it into a meal? This one was very tasty, and I am content that my year has started on a smooth, no doubt lucky, path.

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Janet Blue said...

Nice to see you are posting. Keep it up.