Saturday, January 5, 2013

Winter Flowers

I struggle to get out of bed on winter mornings. It is so dark, the bed is warm and cozy, but the room air is cool. Once I'm up, it's all good. Along that line of talk, the short days are kind of dreary, so having winter flowers cheers me up. Starting this past week, my orchid began blooming. There are about four buds yet to open along three stems. The plant adds a cheerful view and the flowers last for weeks, a reward for taking good care of the plant all year long. I also have African violets, peace lillies, and I'm waiting on an amaryllis to bloom. I also own a Thanksgiving cactus, red like the Christmas cactus, but mine always blooms at the earlier holiday. They all brighten my winter and help keep my hands in the dirt until spring!

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