Saturday, January 26, 2013

Our morning walk

 Bo and I have plenty of time to walk in the mornings on weekends - or snow days - and he has become used to me stopping to snap a picture or two. Some days Bo runs off to explore on his own, but this morning he stuck with me.To the left, he is patiently waiting while I picture the creek, and below wondering if I'm still behind him. I know some of you are probably worried about his feet since he wears no booties, but I've inspected his feet, and the pads are tough. I find no cracks and with his short, slick hair, no snowballs either! His body is always warm when I
check him and I've never witnessed him shivering! I will admit that I am amazed at his hardiness! The only parts of Bo that have ever felt cold are his ears, and that was after going outside for about 10 minutes to the barn. So I guess he wasn't out long enough to warm them up from normal exercise. Otherwise, he is a warm puppy! And you know the Peanuts quote, "Happiness is a warm puppy." Bo is a happy boy!

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